Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance brings the skills, capabilities, and experiences in software testing, find the defect in software and help to protect, resolve it will not happen in the future,our objectives is to build good software with quality,

we will challenge your capabilities and these things will change customer’s life.


  • Understand business/customer/technical requirement, Prepare Testcase related to the requirement
  • Work with customer support to understanding defect and helpful customer support to solve client’s issue
  • Work with scrum team/product owner for creating test cases
  • Create and design a test plan and execute following the plan
  • Able to execute test case by manual and using an automated tool (script test)
  • Able to write automate testing
  • Contribute / notify the development team to improve code quality
  • Establish and maintain organization/team’s culture to aware on quality
  • Report and analyze the issue and cooperate with the development team
  • Analyse and cooperate with customer support team


  • 3 years experience in software testing
  • Love to learn new thing
  • Dive into the detail and love in quality of software
  • Contribute to find a better make thing good
  • Good time management and self-manage
  • Understand CI/CD or DevOps is an advantage 

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